Maintaining The Windshield Properly

The windscreen of a vehicle is one of the first lines of defence from harm for the passengers. With two thick laminated glass shields and a plastic layer in between them, the windshield protects the passengers of the vehicle from not only the incoming wind, but also any incoming debris and particles with it (which, sometimes can even be large rocks, thereby potentially saving you from very dangerous and perhaps fatal injuries).

Just like any other part of the vehicle, the windshield too needs to be maintained regularly to ensure that it does not get too dirty, or even damaged (and thereby warrant a complete It should be understood that unlike the other windows of the car, the windshield can be easily cleaned with the use of wipers; however, do not rely solely on your wipers to clean your windshield. The reason is mainly that the wipers have a limited reach, and they are unable to fully clean your entire windshield. Stick to using the wipers when on the road.Cleaning the exterior of the windshield daily is a good ritual if you drive frequently. Not only will this let you quickly find out whether the glass has been chipped, and therefore needs windscreen repairs, but you will also reduce the amount of grime that otherwise would build up over time. When cleaning the windshield, remember to make use of a microfiber towel and a dedicated automotive glass cleaner – this combination will ensure the best results and prevent your glass from being smudged or full of streaks.

Furthermore, when cleaning the windshield, keep in mind that it has two sides – an exterior and an interior. Most car owners tend to forget the interior of the windshield, and often only clean the exterior periodically. Whilst the interior does not need to be cleaned as frequently (every week would be ideal), know that dust can still build up and decrease the visibility of the glass from the inside as well. This point becomes clear during colder days, when the interior of the glass fogs up and the dust makes the glass nearly impossible to see through. Once again, when cleaning the interior as well, stick to using the dedicated cleaning agents and a microfiber towel.Finally, another point that is often overlooked is the fact that there are not one, but two windshields – the front, and the back windshield. This last is cleaned almost rarely (perhaps when the entire car is washed at most!), but it actually warrants as much attention as the front windshield. Try to remind yourself to clean the rear glass as well when cleaning the front windshield. For further imformation, please click here.windscreen-services